In the not to distant future, robots and Artificial Intelligence proliferate the globe. Mankind is an interplanetary species with bases on both the Moon and Mars. Space gateways are scattered across the solar system to provide communication hubs, scientific laboratories and short term habitation facilities.  On occasion, an A.I. driven robot turns rogue for no apparent reason, causing havoc throughout the space colony operations.  In order to combat these robotic anomalies, a select scientist volunteered himself to be fused with the latest computer technology. He became the first bio-engineered cyborg. This next step in human/machine evolution was deemed a requirement in order for mankind to stay ahead of the machines and the ever increasing power of A.I. The experiment was a success and the scientist was able to plug into and control a variety of robot fighting machines.

The scientist was given the code-name Zerro.

Let the hunt begin....

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